Tyler Winkis

Tyler Winkis


  • CrossFit L1 & L2
  • CPR + AED
  • BS Health and Exercise Physiology


As a collegiate athlete, sports and fitness were always my passion and this let me easily fall in love with CrossFit when I found it by accident in 2012. Because of my passion for health and fitness I went on to study Health and Exercise Physiology at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and went for my CrossFit L1 certification in 2016. Since then, I have built a true passion for coaching others through the CrossFit methodology and seeing the impact it has had on their overall wellness. To grow my ability to effectively coach others I pursued my CrossFit L2 certification and plan to continue expanding my knowledge of effective coaching to improve the health and fitness of every athlete I come across. Octane CrossFit is something special. At Octane, we foster an inclusive community that allows athletes from all walks of life to grow in their fitness journey, no matter where they are starting out. Every coach I have encountered is knowledgeable and truly cares about every single individual in the gym.

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