Jessi Bellama

Coach - Spanish Fluency
Jessi Bellama


  • CrossFit L1&L2
  • CPR
  • AED
  • First Aid


I began lifting weights as part of strength training for diving in college, and after college I spent about a decade in weight rooms and globo gyms before I started CrossFit in Washington, DC in 2012 (diving isn’t exactly a sport that you can do recreationally). That first CrossFit class kicked my ass and yet everyone was so friendly and welcoming while I was dying. I was hooked immediately. It felt like finding a team again: Getting to push myself as an individual and see what I could do, while being part of a larger team and community with a coach to challenge and motivate us. It’s been an incredible journey of learning and growth. And humility – there’s always more to learn. As a coach, I love helping people have aha moments, realizing what they – and their bodies – are capable of. I received my L1 in 2013 and started coaching in 2014 then got my L2 in Poland in 2018 (I love dropping into gyms worldwide). I moved to Phoenix, found my new CrossFit home and started coaching at Octane in 2021.

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