Octane Philosophy

At Octane, we aim to build health and wellbeing in community, for a life well lived.

We believe that fitness is meant to enhance your life outside the gym, and for us this means providing a foundation of strength for our members and our community to engage in and participate in the things that really matter to them. We follow 3 guiding principles to achieve this:

  • Build confidence through strength
  • Have fun inside and outside the gym
  • Emphasize technique and movement for longevity

Our values guide all our actions and help us stay true to our community:


We are an inclusive and active community - all levels, abilities and identities welcome.

We cheer each other on and celebrate progress as much as accomplishment.

We work and play together in and beyond the walls of the gym.


We prioritize developing functional strength to be resilient, improve body composition and stay young. 

But strength is more than what we can do with a barbell; it's picking up our children and handling whatever life throws at us. By focusing on performance, all the other stuff falls into place. 


Our coaches are our ambassadors, operating as one team modeling and showcasing the best of Octane.

Coaches are knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming; offer high quality and caring coaching customize for the individual; foster an supportive and fun environment.

Follow the Fun

Fun is at the hear of our philosophy, woven through everything we do.

We believe that having fun in a supportive community helps you achieve your health goals as well as improving your wellbeing, directly enhancing your quality of life.